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Electric Vehicle Advocacy in Hartford CT

8 Club Members Go To Hartford

Club members made a wintry trek to the state capitol to offer testimony in support of permitting EV direct sales.

Westport CT Model 3 Police Squad Car

Westport, CT Police Model 3

Westport, CT - First fully outfitted Tesla Model 3 police vehicle in the USA

Westport, CT - First fully outfitted Tesla Model 3 police vehicle in the USA

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We are electric vehicle enthusiasts evangelizing the rapid adoption of EVs.

Our mission is to be evangelists for EV adoption and to help the state meet the goals set forth in the Multi-state ZEV Action Plan.

We do this by interacting with people in EV showcases and ride and drive events. We advocate for and help draft EV-friendly legislation.

We participate in public events focused on sustainability. And, finally, we are a resource for anyone who is looking to buy an EV.

CT EV Roadmap Released

The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has released its policy framework for accelerating EV adoption, which has been in development for some time. Link on the reverse.

DEEP EV Roadmap

The downloadable PDF web page can be found here.

Westport Police Tesla Model 3 - What's Next

The town saves money on this car. Period. This is a detailed look at why this move was actually low financial risk.

Westport Police Tesla Model 3 - What's Next

See the details here.

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We are currently practicing social distancing. All meetings are canceled until further notice. We don't yet know how long this will need to last. Watch this space. Please follow the advice of our officials. Thank you and stay well.

We Could Have Clean Air Always

As reported in the LA Times, “If I could wave my magic wand and we all had electric cars tomorrow, I think this is what the air would look like,” said Ronald Cohen, a professor of atmospheric chemistry at UC Berkeley who has been studying the effects of the stay-at-home orders on air quality.

The Air Quality is Much Improved Locally

A blog post about the stay at home orders' impact on local air quality is here.

Tesla Model S_edited

What CT incentives are in place for purchasing an EV?


What electric vehicles are on the market?

It’s time to make the switch to an electric vehicle

Battery lives are longer, new models have arrived, prices have come down, federal and state incentives continue and more charging stations are being built. Buying an EV is the best way to immediately lower your carbon footprint.

The greatest societal benefits of driving an electric vehicle are no tailpipe emissions, which means no dangerous air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

- EV Club of CT


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Connecticut Is Slowly Adopting EVs

The more EVs on the road, the more charging infrastructure will be built.

Electric vehicles are part of every personal, business and municipal plan to transition to clean energy.



Source: CT DMV

All EVs


Source: CT DMV



Jan- 2020/2019

Most Widely Registered EV

Tesla Model 3

Electrification of transportation to decarbonize our economy is just the beginning of smart, clean living. We may see electric cars powering homes in the not too distant future.

- EV Club of CT


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Benefits of Driving an EV

Take a test drive to experience the quiet ride.

  • No Gas or Oil and Very Little Maintenance

  • Zero Tailpipe Emissions

  • Smart and Autonomous Features

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