Updated Dashboard is Live

Top 10 EV Makes in CT Jan 2024

Data Updated Through the End of 2023 The EV dashboard is live on the website. It has slicers and interactivity. Of course, if anyone would like information and is having difficulty finding it, please reach … Read more

Where the EVs Are 2024

Jan 2024 EV map by city and drive train in CT

The map at the top of the page depicts the EV count by city. The bubble size reflects the overall count and the pie wedges show BEV (light blue) and PHEV (dark blue). Not all … Read more

EVs in CT – Where Are We, How Far To Go

A 47% year on year increase in Registrations Still Leaves Us Playing Catch Up As we recently published, there are 44,313 registered EVs in CT. This includes BEVs, PHEVs, eMotorcycles (eMC), and Fuel Cell (FCEV). … Read more

How Challenging Is The Federal Used EV Incentive

Ford Mach-E and Chevy Bolt

Policy Environment for Used Electric Vehicle Incentives When the Inflation Reduction Act was drafted, it had multiple goals, which can be loosely summarized as promoting clean energy, reviving the domestic industrial base, and making clean … Read more

Proposed CT Bill Would Ban EV Parking Indoors

CGA SB 343 The Connecticut General Assembly has raised a bill, SB 343, that proposes to “prohibit parking electric vehicles in parking garages.” This applies to residential and commercial garages. It is part of a … Read more

EV Registrations Up 47% Year on Year

Annual EV Registration Count

There Are Now 44,313 Electric Vehicles Registered in CT The updated count includes registrations through the end of last year. It was released by the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is statutorily required to release … Read more