DEEP Disappointment


CHEAPR Continues to Limp Along At one point during the CHEAPR board meeting held on December 16, one of the board members observed (I’m saying this without sarcasm) that it is harder than it looks … Read more

CHEAPR October Update

CHEAPR Rebates Through October 2021

Rebates Slip in October 100 rebates were awarded in October, down from 124 in September. Of these rebates, 1 was a Rebate Plus for a used Leaf. (There have only been 3 Rebate Plus awards … Read more

Looking Back, Moving Forward


Looking in the Rearview Camera Back Over a Busy 2021 As the year winds to a close, we take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to all who have joined us for our meetings, … Read more

CHEAPR September ’21

CHEAPR Rebates by month through September 2021

CHEAPR Reporting for September 2021 The top-line CHEAPR stats for September have been released. With 124 rebates, the pattern of recent months continues with more rebates than one year ago when the economy was struggling, … Read more

CHEAPR Reporting Back Online

CHEAPR rebates by month through August 2021

Reporting Resumes After A Hiatus This blog follows the state EV purchase incentive program, CHEAPR. It’s an important part of the state’s effort to support EV adoption. The surveys from rebate recipients indicate it is … Read more

CHEAPR Does Double Duty

CHEAPR Rebates Thru June 2021

2 Rebates per Licensed Driver That is the double-duty reference. A major, and welcome, change is that drivers can get the rebate twice, as opposed to the previous limit of once. There has to be … Read more

Webinar – EV Purchase incentives and Free Charging

How to Save Money on an EV and Get Free Charging

EV Purchase Incentives, EVSE (charging equipment) Subsidies, Free Charging This past Tuesday, July 27th, the EV Club presented a webinar jointly sponsored with Sustainne, LLC, Sustainable Westport, and the Town of Westport on how to … Read more