EV Owner Videos

Real Interviews With Real EV Owners

EV Club of Connecticut proudly presents this series of videos capturing the details of the EV ownership experiences. Members of the EV Club of Connecticut Leadership Team, Larry Thompson and Paul Braren, had a lot of fun creating this series recorded at various locations across Connecticut, asking new and veteran EV owners about their ownership experience, along with  their purchase, delivery, and charging experience. Answers varied widely, but the joy and pride in their purchase decisions really comes across. It’s great that there’s finally a wide variety of excellent choices in the increasingly diverse US market for EVs. We hope you’ll find these commercial-free videos helpful. This link takes you to the playlist. Please feel free to leave your comments below!

Some of the vehicles in the videos:

Mustang Mach-EVW ID.4 Side Med shotHyundai Ioniq 5Polestar


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