Sandy Munro Tells It Like It Is

Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben

Sandy Munro Unfiltered Sandy Munro, famous for his willingness to express his (highly informed) opinions in a direct and unfiltered manner, joined the EV Club for a conversation on March 21st. The video has been … Read more

First Look at Managed Charging Incentives

Single Family Residential EV Rate Design Charging Incentives

Utility EV Rate Design – Proposed Details for Single Family Residences The grid at the top of this post comes from a filing by Eversource for its proposed EV charging incentive structure for single family … Read more

Bolt Owners Still Treading Water

Westport Bolt Front

The Chevrolet Bolt recall is inching closer to the one year mark, having started in November of last year. GM expanded the scope of the vehicles being recalled over the course of several stages until … Read more

National Drive Electric Week Events

EV Parade and Green Wheels Expo, Westport and Fairfield

A Selection of NDEW Events in CT National Drive Electric Week is soon to be in full swing with a range of events throughout the state. This is in marked contrast to last year when … Read more

Where The EVs Are – July 2021

Map EVs by City Zoomed In

Fairfield County is Home to 41% of EVs 7023 of 17,217 EVs in the state are registered in Fairfield County. The map at the top of the post shows the distribution of EVs across cities. … Read more

Mid-Year 2021 Dashboard Update

Trend of registered EVs in CT

July 1 EV Registration Data Post by Barry Kresch Overall Trends Following an earlier blog post updating topline registration data, I have now been through the details and will cover them over the course of … Read more

Call for EV Owners for Electric Car Guest Drive

Polestar 2

Get Paid for Sharing Your EV Enthusiasm A lifetime ago (okay, 2 years) in pre-pandemic days, the club participated in several EV ride and drive events, called Electric Car Guest Drive, staged by the publisher … Read more

Time for Ludicrous Mode

Cumulative Savings in the Tesla ZEV Scenario

Post by Barry Kresch An Opportunity for Large Cuts in Emissions Along With Major Budgetary Savings. When the Westport Police were doing their diligence in advance of the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 for … Read more

CHEAPR Does Double Duty

CHEAPR Rebates Thru June 2021

2 Rebates per Licensed Driver That is the double-duty reference. A major, and welcome, change is that drivers can get the rebate twice, as opposed to the previous limit of once. There has to be … Read more