New Program Rules Adopted by CHEAPR Board


Higher Incentive Levels, Low MSRP Cap, New Income-Limited Incentives An updated set of rules was adopted by a 6-3 vote of the CHEAPR board that supersedes the last rule change made in October 2019. Here … Read more

EVs by Geography 2021

Map of EVs by City in CT

The map in the top image shows the number of EVs by city reflected by the size of the circle. Most EVs Located in Fairfield County The largest concentration of EVs remains in the southwestern part … Read more

BEV Registrations Up 28% in 2020

Share of EVs in CT by Make

Updated CT EV Registration Files Post by Barry Kresch 2020 was a difficult year to say the least with overall domestic automobile sales sliding 15% from 2019. Against that background, EV registrations in CT (a … Read more

CHEAPR Closes 2020 With an Uncertain Outlook

Rebates by Month Thru Dec 2020

CHEAPR Rebate Data Released for December 2020 The EV purchase incentive program awarded 74 rebates in December. This is slightly higher than the 40 from November, but of a piece with what we have been … Read more

EV Ownership Increases 18.2% In a Difficult Year

CT EV Registraton Trend 2017-2021

DMV Releases Updated EV Registration Data There are 13,800 EVs registered in CT as of January 1, 2021, according to data released by the Department of Motor Vehicles in its statutorily required semi-annual reporting. This … Read more