Connecticut EV Registrations Increase to 30,181

EV Growth Trend in CT

Based on new data released by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the Department of Transportation, the number of electric vehicles on the road has increased to 30,181 up … Read more

IRA Incentives, Leases, and Batteries

Lucid Lease FB Ad including full IRA incentive

EV Manufacturers/Dealers Offering Consumer EV Leases, Incentives Included This is a follow up to a post from January 5, when we first published about a surprising turn of events with respect to eligibility for the … Read more

November CHEAPR

CHEAPR Rebates by Month Thru Nov 2022

New CHEAPR incentives to arrive this year Expansions to CHEAPR, courtesy of Public Act 22-25, passed by the legislature last year, effective as of July 2022, implemented piecemeal as they are built, will see the … Read more

Leasing Loophole?

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Can Leasing Be a Workaround for the IRA EV Incentive Restrictions? Post by Barry Kresch This notion was floated a while back and I dismissed it as a fringe theory. However, it seems to be … Read more

EV Club Look-back on 2022

Tesla Model Y at Wilton FD

2022 was an action-packed year as you can see below. But we wanted to begin by saying a big Thank You to all of our members and supporters. EV Evangelist Award Club president, Barry Kresch, was given … Read more

Westport Police Add New Tesla Model Y

Westport Police Department Tesla Model Y

New Model Y Enters Service The Westport Police have entered a new Tesla Model Y into service. It has been fully customized for law enforcement duty. The department now has a subscription to Tesla-fi and … Read more

October CHEAPR Update

CHEAPR rebates by month thru October 2022

Steady as She Goes – Rebates Have Plateaued for the Time Being CHEAPR rebates are up over 50% since the MSRP cap was raised in July. Rebates averaged 74 per month for the first half … Read more

Charging Cluster at Hotel Marcel

Tesla Superchargers at Hotel Marcel

24 Chargers at Hotel Marcel in New Haven Photos: Hotel Marcel, Maxwell Electric Shuttle Minibus parked at an EVConnect charger, Solar Canopy and Tesla chargers, charging under the canopy At long last, the chargers at … Read more