Plug In America Unplugs


Dealers Pressure Plug In America to Back Away From Direct Sales Plug In America (PIA) has up until now played an important advocacy role in the effort to pass SB 127 in Connecticut and similar … Read more

This is What an EV World Could Be

Air Quality in Fairfield County, April 11, 2020

Coronavirus has given us clean air. EVs could, too. The photo above is from PurpleAir, which is a WiFi-connected, networked, sensor. The date is April 11, 2020. Individuals can buy these and the results are … Read more

Free of Charge

Volta DCFC Charging Station

As in charging your EV for free! As reported in Elecktrek, the charging station company, Volta, announced the upcoming installation of 150 level 3 DC fast-charging stations nationally with no fee-charging for the first 30 … Read more

EV Showcase on July 14 at Fairfield Farmers Market

EV Showcase July 2019

EV Showcase at Fairfield Farmers Market

The EV Club of CT is pleased to showcase 6 electric vehicles at the July 14 Fairfield Farmers Market at the Sherman Green in Fairfield. Please shop the market and visit us at the showcase in the parking lot behind the market from 10 am until 2 pm to check out the cars and discuss all things EV. This event is designed to help consumers make the transition to EVs.


Gas and diesel-powered vehicles are the largest contributors to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and a large proportion of urban air pollution in the US. Switching to electric vehicles makes for a quiet and clean ride with zero tailpipe emissions and a fraction of the maintenance since there are so few moving parts.

EV Showcase July 2019

The EV Club of CT will be showcasing Tesla models X, S and 3, a Chevy Volt, a Nissan Leaf and a BMWi3 to help guests learn about electric cars on the market, how easy and convenient they are to maintain, how much fun they are to drive, what smart and autonomous features each offers, and how to charge them at home and on the road.

Incentives from the state and federal government can significantly reduce the cost of a new EV (purchase/lease) and many affordable used electric cars are now on the market, including the Certified Pre-Owned BMWi3 being showcased.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint


Written by Sarah Donavan Reducing Carbon Emissions I am a global warming alarmist, and as such, it would be specious of me not to take action to reduce my carbon footprint.  So . . . … Read more

Charging Up Consumers To Drive EVs

Jaguar I-Pace

How to Sell an Electric Vehicle One of the local automobile dealers once told me that the best way to sell an EV was to take it one customer at a time. Let the prospective … Read more