Goodbye, Mt. Kisco, Sort Of


Tesla Leasing Customers Can Now Pick Up Their Vehicles in Milford

A shout out to Rich from the Tesla Owners Club for announcing this update. Customers who lease a new Tesla will be picking up their vehicle at Milford. To be clear, this does not apply to customers purchasing a vehicle.

This is franchise law related. The franchise laws that are being used by dealers to prevent Tesla and other direct sales manufacturers from selling directly were written so long ago that they don’t apply to leases. Way back when, leasing was not a thing, and the law does not address it.

Tesla has been doing leasing paperwork at Milford for several years now, but hasn’t delivered vehicles there. It sounds like there were some logistical hurdles, which have now been worked out with the Department of Motor Vehicles. No more temporary plates! Permanent plates will be on the new car.

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