Jan 2020 EV Dashboard Update – Geography Edition


EV ownership remains concentrated in Fairfield County.

The county is home to 41% of all EVs registered in the state.

% EVs by County
Chart: Barry Kresch

EV Ownership by City

It follows then that the cities with the highest EV ownership are mostly in southwestern CT. Greenwich, Stamford, and Westport are the top three. The following chart is an excerpt displaying the highest-ranking cities.

EV Count by City in CT
Chart: Barry Kresch

EV Ownership by City, Per Capita

When the data are normalized for population, the ranking changes with Westport being number one, followed by Weston and Woodbridge.

EV Ownership in CT by City, Ranked Per Capita
Chart: Barry Kresch

Map of EV Ownership by City

This is what it looks like pictorially. The bubbles represent cities and the size of the bubble adjusts based on the number of EVs registered in each city.

Map of EVs by City in CT, Jan 2020
Chart: Barry Kresch
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