All Quiet on the Midwestern Front


Bargersville, Indiana, Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle

The exciting news from Indiana is that there is really no news. The Model 3 police vehicle performance is meeting or exceeding expectations. And, yes, it is quiet.

Our Facebook page received an update today (March 9) regarding Indiana, where the Bargersville Police force acquired the first Tesla Model 3 to be put to use for police duty. This is the progress report.

Bargersville, IN Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle Report

Glad to hear this report from a test vehicle that’s in service a few months longer than Westport. Their expectations are in line with Westport.

Bargersville is a small town – population 9,000, located 20 miles or so from Indianapolis. They have stated to the press that they hope to add 4 more Teslas and use the savings to add another officer to their force, which currently stands at 12.

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