Aptera to Speak to the Club on April 12th


Aptera, Maker of Unique “AutoCycle” 3-Wheeled EV, to Present to EV Club

Save the date – April 12th, via Zoom at 7 PM. Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pcOqhrjotGtdliZAhlNAaQBItwYud3A1t

Aptera, a lightweight, extremely aerodynamic vehicle with integrated solar has an electric range of from 250 miles with the base trim level ($25,900), up to 1000 miles at the highest of the 4 trim levels ($50,700). It has a drag coefficient of .13 (Tesla Model 3 is .23) and the ability to charge as much as 40 miles on a sunny day.

We have asked Aptera if they will bring one to CT so we can see it up close and possibly take it for a spin. They are not yet to that point, but our interest is noted.

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