Benefits of Workplace Charging – Upcoming Webinar


Workplace Charging – An Underappreciated Part of EV Charging Infrastructure


This program featured panelists Ryan Boggio from Clean Cities, Marriott Dowden from United Illuminating, and Catherine Duncan from the CT Green Bank. Key discussion points:

  • There are benefits with workplace charging that accrue to businesses, fleets, and employees.
  • There are considerable financial incentives available to customers of Eversource and United Illuminating to offset the cost of the equipment and installation.
  • The CT Green Bank offers affordable financing options, as well as the ability to participate in the state’s nascent carbon credit market and earn money every year for each charger that is installed.

The webinar has been posted on YouTube.


We need more EV chargers. Lots more. Significant progress is being made, courtesy of recent federal legislation in particular, but the majority of the firepower is concentrated in expanding DC fast charging along major highway corridors, and to a lesser extent, downtown areas. Workplace charging can fill a critical gap and meaningfully contribute to alleviating range anxiety concerns, along with being a big win for employees and their employers.

Workplace charging benefits:

  • Creates charging access for employees who lack it where they live.
  • Attract/retain employees.
  • Can include charging in employee benefits portfolio.
  • Induce employees to go electric when they get their next car (especially if it is part of a program that educates them about EVs).
  • Company can be seen as an environmental leader and be part of the conversation locally about moving to net-zero.

For those interested in learning more, there is a webinar scheduled for June 29th at 12 PM for one hour, presented by CT Southwestern Area Clean Cities, CT Green Bank, United Illuminating, and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council covering:

  • Introduction to workplace charging: understanding the importance of workplace charging infrastructure and its role in supporting the transition to electric mobility.
  • Financing an EVSE project: learn from experts at the CT Green Bank and UI as they discuss financing options and opportunities to support workplaces in implementing their EVSE projects.
  • Benefits of Workplace charging: discover how workplace charging positively impacts employees, businesses, and the surrounding community.
  • Q&A session: engage with our panel of experts and get technical questions answered.

Free registration at this link.

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