Legal Battle Over Proposed Shelton Rivian Service Center Continues


Court Rules in Favor of Rivian’s Motion to Dismiss; Plaintiffs File Motion to Reargue

Note: For those following this case, the docket number is AAN CV 22-6049137 in Superior Court, J/D of Ansonia, Milford. This is the link.

Update: Hearing scheduled for June 20 regarding plaintiffs motion.

June 20 Update: Court denies plaintiff motion for re-argument and sustains Rivian’s objection to plaintiff’s motion.

Rivian needs a license from DMV. Should they get that, and if there are no further appeals, they should then be in a position to begin renovating the site. The plaintiff has 20 days from June 20 to file an appeal if they so choose.


Rivian seeks to open a service center in Shelton, though they also want to deliver new vehicles at the location. There would be no showroom and no sales activity. Shelton granted an approval for a facility to be located at 2 Mountain View Drive. Mario D’Addario Buick, along with TD Properties, the owner of the D’Addario property, filed a lawsuit to force the Town to rescind the approval.

On May 16, the court ruled in favor of a motion filed by Rivian to have the lawsuit dismissed. The court ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing due to their arguments not being a zoning issue but rather a licensing issue, which is the province of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Zoning regulations are meant to protect the public interest and are not intended to address business competition. Furthermore, Rivian acknowledged that it cannot carry out any activities that may require a license until it obtains such a license.

On June 5, the plaintiffs filed a Motion for Reconsideration and Reargument. They contend that since D’Addario has a new car dealer license and Rivian does not, they are a protected class of business in this licentiate, and this amounts to illegal competition.

This is not a legal blog and we don’t know whether DMV will get involved or where this will go. This is an earlier post from when the initial lawsuit was filed. Our opinion, in general, is that the dealerships are trying to make it as difficult as possible for direct sales companies to open servicing facilities. We have seen this with Tesla in East Hartford and South Windsor, and now this episode with Rivian.

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