Teslas for Police: A Better Deal Than Ever

Westport Police Model Y Patrol Car

Post by Barry Kresch Tesla Patrol Car Purchase Price Now Lower Than Ford Explorer ICE Police Vehicle In 2019, when the Westport Police purchased a Model 3 for use as a patrol car for $52,000 … Read more

Tesla Model Y Now Eligible for CHEAPR Rebates

CHEAPR Rebates Thru March 2023

Increase in Rebates Driven by Tesla Since the MSRP cap was increased in July 2022, there has been an increase in rebates as more models have become available. Somewhat predictably, it is driven mostly by … Read more

CHEAPR – Edging Closer

CHEAPR Rebates thru February 2023

Updates on CHEAPR Implementation Almost one year ago, SB-4 was voted into law as Public Act 22-25, an environmental omnibus that made extensive changes to CHEAPR, the state EV purchase incentive program. The easiest change, … Read more

Where Should I Buy An EV – 2022 Edition

Westport Chevy Bolt

Post by Barry Kresch CHEAPR as a Proxy for EV-Friendly Dealers It is not unusual for a consumer to reach out to us, usually after a bad sales experience, and ask if we can recommend … Read more

Connecticut EV Registrations Increase to 30,181

EV Growth Trend in CT

Based on new data released by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the Department of Transportation, the number of electric vehicles on the road has increased to 30,181 up … Read more

November CHEAPR

CHEAPR Rebates by Month Thru Nov 2022

New CHEAPR incentives to arrive this year Expansions to CHEAPR, courtesy of Public Act 22-25, passed by the legislature last year, effective as of July 2022, implemented piecemeal as they are built, will see the … Read more

October CHEAPR Update

CHEAPR rebates by month thru October 2022

Steady as She Goes – Rebates Have Plateaued for the Time Being CHEAPR rebates are up over 50% since the MSRP cap was raised in July. Rebates averaged 74 per month for the first half … Read more

Geography of CT EVs July 2022

Map of EV Count by City July 2022

Geographic Profile – Counties and Cities July 2022 All data are from a Freedom of Information Act Request filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles for EV registration data as of July 1. Due to … Read more

Are We There Yet?

Historical, Present, Future Needs to Meet EV Goals

What Is the Progress Toward the Goal in the ZEV Plan This has been quite a year for EVs – a major revamp of the federal incentive, an improved CT CHEAPR program, utility incentives for … Read more

Not So Fast

CHEAPR rebates by month thru September 2022

CHEAPR Rebates Dip in September It looked like we were on a roll with rebates having risen from 59 in June to 93 (implementation of higher MSRP cap) in July to 136 in August (restated … Read more