Congressman Himes to Speak to EV Club


Join the EV Club for our next Zoom meeting on April 15th at 6:45 when U.S. Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut’s fourth congressional district will speak to us about what we can expect for EV policy as the Biden Administration pushes major infrastructure legislation. The Congressman was first elected to his current position in 2008 and has been a supporter of progressive environmental policies.

We have only a limited amount of time with him, 30 minutes, and I am looking to have questions teed up for him because it will be too much to try and traffic cop in that limited time. Some of the things that are pending are modification of the federal EV purchase incentive, an updated cash for clunkers, EVSE infrastructure, EVs in the federal fleet, changes to CAFE, MHD standards, and other possible policy levers.

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If anyone would like to suggest a question, please do so in the comments or via the contact form.

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