EV Club CT at Tesla Cybertruck Reveal Event


Tesla Delivers First Cybertrucks

Bruce Becker, sustainable architect and senior correspondent of the EV Club of CT was an invitee to the Cybertruck reveal event in Austin, Texas and has sent some photos our way.

Tesla made a small number of deliveries today. We don’t know if any of the CTs are destined for CT. The Cybertruck and its distinctive, angular, polarizing design were originally teased in 2019. Production is now beginning in small quantities. Elon Musk stated in the most recent earnings call in October that the vehicle presents a manufacturing challenge with its flat, stainless steel panels and unique platform. Tesla reports plans to scale to 250,000 by 2025.

Orders are now being taken with a $250 refundable deposit. Pricing was posted today in the Tesla configurator. The vehicle comes in 3 trim levels, starting at $60,990 (RWD, 250 miles), $79,990 (AWD, 340 miles), and the “Cyberbeast”$99,990 (AWD, 320 miles, 0-60 in 2.6 seconds).

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s first high voltage vehicle (800-volt architecture), so charging should be extremely fast. It also has a plugout feature to power a home or another vehicle. We will keep a lookout for an appearance at the Tesla facilities in Milford or Uncasville.

At this time, the Cybertruck is not listed as being eligible for the federal incentive. Mostly, this is irrelevant at present since few will be placed in service this year. However, the vehicle is manufactured in Austin, Texas and it uses the 4680 battery cells made at the same plant, so it is likely to qualify. Also, you will notice that the price of the middle trim level is conveniently set at $79,990, or $10 below the cap in the Inflation Reduction Act for light trucks. Taking this into account, it may be just a matter of time until the vehicle is officially declared eligible. (The lowest-priced trim level will not be delivered until 2025 at the earliest.)

Cybertruck in Front of Austin, TX Facility

Tesla Cybertruck production line

Tesla Cybertruck frame


Cybertruck plug out

Tesla Cybertruck in production

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