First Tesla Magic Dock in CT


Enfield is Host to First CT Magic Dock Superchargers

The first CT Magic Dock chargers come to Enfield, located in Freshwater Commons, 65 Palomba Drive. This is off Route 190, just east of I-91.

There are 12 superchargers, all equipped with the Magic Dock adaptor that enables EVs using CCS connectors to charge. They are 250 kW units, V3 design. If you see an EV straddling 2 spaces, it doesn’t mean it’s an anti-Tesla thing. The V3 chargers have relatively short cords that create challenges for some EVs and may cause them to angle park.

If you zoom in really closely on the photo above, you can see the adapter where the cord connects to the unit. A close-up photo and more detail about how these adaptors work can be found in our earlier post.

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