Free EV Charging Stations Through CT Green Bank C-PACE Program


The CT Green Bank Financing Program for Commercial Properties Offers Free Charging Stations

Get your energy-saving upgrades with a side of charging station.

The CT Green Bank offers a 100% financing program for energy-saving upgrades to commercial buildings that goes by the acronym C-PACE. They have introduced an offer that, depending upon how much is financed, includes free charging stations. A minimum financing amount of $150,000 will get you one free charging station. The maximum number available through this offer is 3. This is the link to the program page on the Green Bank Website. This is an article in the New Haven Business Journal with a more detailed description.

Those interested must apply for C-PACE financing by May 15 in order to qualify for the charging station promotion.

C-Pace financing offers a number of advantages, including off-balance sheet treatment for the property holder and no inter-creditor agreements, among others.

If you are interested in this financing, do not contact the Green Bank. It is necessary to work through an underwriter. We happen to have one who is a club-member: CounterpointeSRE. Contact Marshall Breines at

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