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Dealership Data Request

The club regularly gets requests for dealer recommendations. Usually, this follows a poor dealership experience. We have an informal list of some dealers that have been recommended by members, but it is not complete and doesn’t cover the whole state.

So we would like to let the data do the talking to the extent it can. Our objective is to publish a list of top dealers for each brand and we hope to have representation across the state.

We made the request to CHEAPR, which is run by the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), on June 23. On July 7, they advised that they were working on it. We are still waiting as of this writing on July 26th. Hopefully, we will receive it soon.

We will be using rebates is a proxy for sales and it is imperfect. When we publish the data, we will describe in detail what it represents and its limitations. We have asked for granular data. We will cut and sort the data to make it as clean as possible, perhaps by brand by county.

There was a recommendation in the DEEP EV Roadmap to create a dealer recognition program. We support this as long as it isn’t vaporware. If it proves to be truly robust and stays up to date, then we may back off of the data.

We hope to be able to post the actual data soon. This doesn’t seem like a difficult request.

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