Supporting EV Showcases


Help Us Help You Promote Your EV Showcase Event and Get EV Owners to Exhibit

As consumer interest in electric vehicles has increased, so too, has the number of EV showcases being held around the state. Sometimes they are standalone EV events and other times EVs are part of a larger green fair event or larger automotive event. Sometimes they are official Drive Electric Week events, but others are produced independently by community organizations.

We receive a number of requests to help recruit EV owners to exhibit their vehicles and publicize these events.

The EV showcase season, beginning with Drive Electric Earth Day, commences next month. If you would like us to list your event on our event calendar, include it in email blasts, and ask for EV owner participation, please give us the following information:

  • Event name
  • Event organizer/sponsor
  • Brief event description
  • Date, start/end time
  • Is it just a showcase or part of a green fair or other event
  • Location including postal address
  • Are you looking for EV owners to exhibit their vehicles?
  • Email and phone contact info to be publicly displayed
  • Website url
  • Graphic/Photo (JPG, JPEG, PNG). Newer iPhones default to HEIC, which WordPress does not accept. Please convert them before sending to us. 2MB maximum size, but smaller is preferred. If you send us a photo with recognizable individuals, please make sure they are ok with our posting it. A photo from a prior year event works, or the photo can be generic as long as it works. Let us know if you need help. 16:9 aspect ratio preferred. The visual is important in making the listing pop.
  • Is there a charge for the general public to attend?
  • We only accept events where EV owners who exhibit are not charged to do so.
  • If you require a hold harmless form, we can link to it if it is online.
  • Other items you think we should know about

We understand if you don’t have all of these items. The more you can provide, the better the listing.

We have already begun to receive notifications. Please give us 6-8 weeks notice if you can.

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  1. The Simsbury Sustainability Committee and Public Library will host a Sustainability Fair on May 4 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The event will feature an EV showcase as well as a talk by EV Club’s own Barry Kresch. Club members are encouraged to drive their EVs to the event. For more information, contact Mark Scully (

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