Eversource Modifies Telematics Monitoring

Observant EV Owners Noticed Frequent Pings Several people posting on Facebook and writing to the EV Club who have registered for the charging incentives via telematics noticed that their vehicles were being status-checked every 30 … Read more

Utility Charging Incentive Follow Up

We have been following up with the utilities on some of the outstanding questions. These are some specific items that came up at the meeting where the information was not available or incomplete. These are … Read more

Recap of EV Charging Incentive Meeting

Electrify America Charger at Trumbull Mall

EV Charging Incentives Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and United Illuminating presented virtually on Jan. 25th. The program took effect on Jan 1, 2022. It includes residential, commercial, workplace, and fleet incentives. There are a … Read more

Single Family Residential Charging Incentives

PURA Single Family Residential Charging Incentives

Post by Barry Kresch Charging Incentives Via The Utilities The incentives drafted by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority that will be made available through Eversource and United Illuminating (commonly referred to as utilities, but in … Read more

New EV Rate Design – Final Adjudication from PURA

PURA EV Rate Design

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has released the final version of the EV Rate Design This program provides incentives for off-peak and managed charging, subsidies for EV chargers, and make-ready (bringing the electricity to where … Read more