Utility Charging Incentive Follow Up


We have been following up with the utilities on some of the outstanding questions. These are some specific items that came up at the meeting where the information was not available or incomplete. These are a few items for which we have answers.

Plug-in Hybrids

Plug-in Hybrids are eligible! At the meeting we were told that is not the case. That correction has been provided to us.

Third Party Power Supplier

It does not matter who your power generation supplier is.

Number of Incentives Per Household

Our club has a lot of multi-EV households. Each household can sign up for a maximum of 2 incentives. At the meeting, it was said that Eversource had a limit of one, but we confirmed with Eversource that 2 incentives are permitted, the same as with UI.


Make-Ready is a commercial incentive that is sometimes described as bringing power to the pad or the base upon which the charging unit will be installed. The incentive includes the cost of wiring up the charging unit.


Telematics is where the utility communicates directly with the vehicle. It is a way for people who already own a charger, which is not an eligible smart charger to participate, IF you have a vehicle that has telematics capability. Many, though not all Teslas, have telematics. There are non-Tesla EVs that also have telematics. This page includes telematics-eligible vehicles for Eversource. There could be a slightly different list for UI as the companies use different external vendors to manage this aspect of the program.

We have received feedback that it is difficult to sign up for telematics. The registration funnel on the website is confusing. We have sent detailed feedback on this subject to the utilities and await their response.


If you are requesting incentives with a value of more than $600, you will be required to upload a completed IRS form W-9.

We have a March 4 call scheduled with them. We don’t know if we’ll hear anything sooner. If you have anything you’d like for us to ask, or if you have gone through the application process and have comments, please mention it as a comment to the post or email the club at EVClubCT@gmail.com.

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