The Future Is Now – See It At Maker Faire Westport


Join us at Maker Faire Westport 2019 on April 27. Our EVs and smart home exhibit is adjacent to the Baldwin Lot part of the Maker Faire exhibition areas, part of Bedford Square. You can’t miss us. You’ll hear us as well with live music!

Smart homes and Smart cars!  

Have you ever controlled 50 connected devices at one time by saying “I’m home!” as you walk in the front door?  Have you ever seen the electric car that can drive itself?  What about the one with the falcon wing doors that can dance to music? Come visit the TecKnow Pod along with the Electric Vehicle Club of Connecticut’s display at 12 Elm Street, Bedford Square where you can try out the most advanced and secure smart home tech for yourself and see, touch and climb around inside the latest Electric Vehicles (EVs) and find out what all the fuss is about. EV Club members will be there displaying a variety of vehicles and answering your questions about what life is like after you make the switch from a gasoline-powered car to an electric one. TecKnow It All’s and live local young rock bands will be on hand to showcase how music, green energy, and Smart Living Ecosystems will redefine how we live for generations to come…The Future is Now!

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