BEV Registrations Up 28% in 2020


Updated CT EV Registration Files

Post by Barry Kresch

2020 was a difficult year to say the least with overall domestic automobile sales sliding 15% from 2019. Against that background, EV registrations in CT (a related, but different, metric) edged up 18.2% to 13,800 EVs of all stripes. EVs are defined the way they are by the state as battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV), battery electric motorcycles (BEMC), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). The growth rate was slower than in the prior two years, which were 25.7% and 47.8% respectively. It is roughly that last rate of growth from 2 years ago that is needed on a consistent basis if the state is to hit the goal in the Zero Emission Vehicle Memorandum of Understanding. At this rate, CT falls further behind every year.

Trend of Registered EVs in CT

% change by period of registered EVs

BEVs Lead the Way

BEVs led the way with a 28% increase, followed by PHEVs up 7.5%. There are only 24 BEMCs and 3 FCEVs, the latter of which are not currently available to buy or lease in the state.

EV Growth by Fuel Type

PHEV growth has flattened since 2019.

Fuel type EV trend

Tesla Again Leads By a Wide Margin

The chart below is an excerpt of the makes with the largest number of registered vehicles. Tesla continues robust growth (and they’re not allowed to open stores here, why???). Astonishingly, there is no other manufacturer with a strong increase. There are some that modestly increased (Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Subaru, Nissan), others that are basically flat (most), and a few major players that posted declines (Chevrolet, Ford, Honda). This is a decline in net registrations. It is a function of how many cars they sold versus the turnover in the existing base. Chevy is seeing older Volts exit the file. Honda has stopped trying to sell the Clarity in CT. There could be a change next year for Ford depending on deliveries of the Mustang Mach-E.

Trend by EV Make

Tesla was responsible for 47% of the vehicles entering the file.

Newly Registered EVs by Make Jan 2021

This brought its net share to 43%, up from 40% in July.

Registered EVs by Make Jan 2021

This trend is most dramatically illustrated in this growth contribution waterfall chart, which takes the YOY difference in registrations by make and divides it by total net new registrations. This reflects both positive and negative contributions.

Growth Contribution by Make Jan 21 over Jan 20

Watch this space. More to come…..

4 thoughts on “BEV Registrations Up 28% in 2020”

  1. Interesting that Tesla has the most-sold BEV vehicles in CT with this business unfriendly State not allowing Tesla to have a sales gallery here in the State (only leasing in Milford CT), driven by the scared CT Automobile Dealers Association (CARA) lobby, yet Tesla out-sells every other brand names with “dealerships” in the State!!!
    CARA is definitely afraid of Tesla’s business model and has the legislators in their pockets.
    Too bad the legislators can’t connect the dots between their zero carbon emissions goals and the car brand that is the most zero carbon emissions vehicle. Sad!!!

    • There were none in the file. The makes of motorcycles that were present were Zero, Brammo, Harley, Arcimoto, Zongshen/CSC.

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