Charging Cluster at Hotel Marcel


24 Chargers at Hotel Marcel in New Haven

Hotel MarcelMaxwell EV Shuttle at Hotel Marcel, New Haven, CTSolar Canopy and Tesla Superchargers at Hotel MarcelLevel 2 charging under solar canopy at Hotel Marcel

Photos: Hotel Marcel, Maxwell Electric Shuttle Minibus parked at an EVConnect charger, Solar Canopy and Tesla chargers, charging under the canopy

At long last, the chargers at the Hotel Marcel in New Haven are live. The hotel is located in the Long Wharf area, next door to IKEA. There are 12 Tesla 250 kWh Supercharger stalls  and 12 level 2 chargers from EVConnect with J-1772 connectors. The infrastructure is present to triple the number of L2 chargers to 36. You can use the EVConnect app to use them. Just download it from Apple App Store or Google Play, then scan the QR code, use the Guest Checkout option, then charging starts right away. Alternatively, if you already have a ChargePoint account, you should be able to start charging by just tapping your phone on the charger, or using the ChargePoint app. The rate for the level 2 charging is set by the hotel and it is being made available gratis. Tesla is responsible for setting the supercharger rate.

The IKEA next door has another 2 level 2 chargers (free) and there is a planned Electrify America level 3 installation coming.

The lobby area of the hotel is open 24/7 with rest rooms and food available. While you are there, check out this very cool facility, housed in a 1960’s landmark Brutalist building retrofitted as the nation’s first net-zero hotel. Power comes from solar panels on the roof and solar canopies, complemented with batteries, energy efficient electric appliances and fixtures. Even the elevators have “regenerative braking” when they are descending. The 11th Commandment: No electron shall go to waste. The insulation is very tight, including the German-made windows, which allow for passive heating in the winter. All of this makes for effective sound insulation, as well. Even though it is near a busy highway, the rooms are totally quiet.

20 Chargers Coming to Fairfield

The Town of Fairfield will be installing 20 level 2 charging ports (10 dual port units) at Sullivan Independence Hall sometime in first quarter 2023. These are intended for use by the town fleet. The town doesn’t have the vehicles yet – like with everyone else, deliveries are slow. But it’s great they’re thinking ahead. These are networked and could be repurposed for consumer use, but it is not known if that will happen.

Both the Hotel Marcel and the Town of Fairfield made use of the utility incentives for these installations.

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