Cutting the Cord – Westport Fire Department EV Training


Maintaining Safety for First Responders to an Accident Involving Electric Vehicles

EVs at fire department for trainingThis kind of cord-cutting risks a lot more than losing ESPN.

The Westport Fire Department is conducting staff training on dealing with EVs in an accident, for example, if there is severe damage, if occupants need to be cut out of the car, or if there is a potential for “thermal runaway” (battery igniting). First responders need to know how to safely handle the battery cables, and if necessary, where to cut.

EV Club owners and local dealers loaned their vehicles to the Westport Fire Department for training sessions being conducted this week and next. In this photo, there is a Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius Prime, and Honda Clarity, all of them plug-in hybrids. Other training sessions have battery electric vehicles, including a Jaguar iPace and Tesla Model 3.

The photo at the top of the post, from left to right, is of Brett Kirby, Assistant Chief of the Westport Fire Department, EV Club President Barry Kresch, and Jason Emery, an outside trainer brought in specifically for EV training.

These photos are of the trainer and fire department personnel observing the wiring of a Tesla Model 3.

Opening Up the Tesla Model 3 wiring compartmentTesla Model 3 wiringJason Emery explaining a Tesla Model 3Firefighters observing the wiring on a Tesla Model 3

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