EV Freedom Bill Unshackled


Transportation Committee Vote Moves Bill to Full Chamber

The Transportation Committee, by a vote of 26 to 10, moved SB 127 to the full chamber.

There were several legislators who voted in favor of the bill, but who specifically said they have not definitively made up their minds with respect to the upcoming vote on the floor of the chamber. We will publish some of the questions and objections when we update this post.

Transportation Committee Chair, Senator Haskell, deserves our thanks for his leadership in picking this up and moving it forward, after his predecessor on the committee had decided to set it aside. We also thank Rep. Steinberg who has been a consistent advocate for years in favor of this measure.

Transportation Committee Final Vote on SB 127This is the final roll call.

What I inferred from the hearing today reinforces what I watched/read during the public testimony period. Legislators are hearing from dealers, of course, who oppose the legislation. They are also hearing from constituents and constituents are supporting the legislation. There is no negative sentiment among the public about this bill.

We don’t take anything for granted. When we have updates with respect to further negotiations around the bill or voting in one or both chambers, we will post them (among other things).

Tesla is keeping its “Engage” page live for ease of contacting your legislators.



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