Hotel Marcel Cluster of EV Chargers


The photo above is the solar canopy in the parking lot of the net zero Hotel Marcel in the Long Wharf area of New Haven. The newly opened hotel, powered by solar panels on the canopies and the roof of the building, is soon to be home to one of the newest clusters of EV chargers in the state.

There are 12 Tesla Superchargers, along with EVConnect level-2 chargers with J1772 connectors. The initial level-2 installation will be 10 level-2 ports (5 dual port units), eventually growing to 30 ports. The infrastructure for the expansion is already in place.

The level 2 chargers are under the canopy. The Superchargers are close to the canopy. Basically, whomever plugs in will have a sheltered walk to the front door of the hotel. The chargers are located at the far end of the lot to discourage ICEing.

The units are not live as of this writing. There is a “splice box” that has yet to arrive for the transformer. It is hoped that the units will be online by mid-August but we’ll publish updates as more information becomes available. We are waiting for the chargers to come online to schedule a planned EV Club meeting at this facility.

There are also 2 level-2 ChargePoint chargers just a few feet away near the entrance to Ikea. These are in operation.

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