How to Save Money on an EV

All You Need to Know About EV Incentives and Free Charging Opportunities

Virtual webinar: July 27th at 7 PM. Free registration is required:

The EV Club will be jointly producing and sponsoring a virtual webinar about the latest in incentives and free charging. Specifically, these are federal and state purchase incentives, incentives that reduce the cost of the electricity used to charge your electric vehicle, incentives to defray the cost of buying EV charging equipment, and free charging opportunities.

The incentives around EVs and charging are fluid.

The state recently implemented a number of changes to its CHEAPR EV purchase incentive program.

There is an expectation that either included or alongside the Biden Administration infrastructure plan, there will be an updated federal purchase incentive. The bill that was reported out of the Senate Finance Committee looks very good, but it could change considerably as it makes its way through the legislature. There is also a federal tax credit for the purchase of an EV charging station that is due to expire at the end of this year. We are waiting to see if that resurfaces. The President and the leaders of the two chambers have talked about getting this done before the August recess. It may be cutting it close, but we are hopeful that the contours of the new plans will be known by the end of July.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is in the process of adjudicating a new EV rate design that would include lower rates to charge an EV as well as subsidies for charging hardware. A preliminary document was issued on June 17th. The final document is due July 14th. This is a complex piece of regulation, but we will provide the key highlights for the webinar.