I’m Buying an EV and Would Like to Expand My Solar Array


If you have solar and would like to expand it because you are buying an EV

Or if you are starting from zero, this is the process for determining how to size a system and obtain necessary approvals from the utility.

This content was provided by Ron Nelson of Apex Solar

If you have a new construction home or are adding an addition to your home………

If you are buying the new Cybertruck and need 10,000 kWh per year more than your normal electricity usage………..
If you just moved into your home………………
If you are removing fossil fuel burning heating sources and replacing them with efficient heat pumps/mini-splits…………...
Apex Solar Power will work with you/your contractors to establish the number of kWhs needed on the roof or on a ground-mounted or carport solar solution………….we have a load calculator to determine this………….the manufacturers all have spec sheets that specify how much electricity is needed to power their equipment.
We present the above with the interconnection agreement to your utility company and they approve it.
Important note: The distributed generation department of every utility company can answer questions and does “get it”………calling the customer service call center, not so much.

ConnectedSolutions program at Eversource

The ConnectedSolutions program at Eversource literally pays you for buying a new Tesla Powerwall or Generac PWRcell battery clean back-up home/business solution.
The 26% tax credit applies to the battery purchase when you power your battery with the sun. 22% next year.

Net Metering

Net Metering is the law of CT for now.

They (whoever makes bad decisions about the future of the Planet) tried to eliminate net metering in 2018. We who had solar were grandfathered in until 2032.
BUT, nothing was ever passed to replace net metering and many of us in the industry spoke out.
Net Metering is alive and well.
There may be action on Net metering after 2021……..or they will just continue it.
Home and commercial buildings going solar and installing clean battery storage/back-up make more sense. The utilities agree.
A green grid with local power makes sense.

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  1. Does UI have an equivalent program for residential batteries to EverSource’s Connected Solutions? Or is it in the works at all?

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