What if They Gave a Rebate and Nobody Came

Number of Monthly CHEAPR Rebates through April 2020

Rebates at Lowest Level Ever The lowest number of monthly rebates since its inception has been awarded by CHEAPR in April 2020, a not so grand total of 13, down from 90 in March. There … Read more

EV Roadmap – “Cliff’s Notes” Version

The EV Roadmap prepared by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is a dense, 104-page document. We recommend reading it if you have the time. But for those who want to cut to … Read more

DEEP EV Roadmap Takes The Scenic Route

EVs = Clean Air “If I could wave my magic wand and we all had electric cars tomorrow, I think this is what the air would look like,” said Ronald Cohen, a professor of atmospheric … Read more

The Long and Winding Roadmap

CT Electric Vehicle Roadmap

DEEP EV Roadmap Released The final version of the long-awaited Roadmap was publicly released a few weeks ago. For those of you who are in the weeds with EV policy, at 104 pages, plus 358 … Read more

Demand Charges – The Silent Killer

Demand Charges - EV Charger

Utility Demand Charges Keep Level 3 Charging Stations Dark We have quite a few posts addressing range-anxiety in its various forms. Even though most EVs have enough range to get you through your typical day, … Read more

Ideas to Improve CHEAPR

CHEAPR ideas for improvement

Interesting Approaches to EV Incentives in Neighboring States This blog has published a number of articles about the recent changes in the CHEAPR program and how they have impacted rebates. Our feeling is that these … Read more

CHEAPR Falls Off a Cliff

Rebates Are Down 81% Based on Early Data CHEAPR is the Connecticut EV purchase incentive program, administered by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). As of October 15, DEEP lowered the incentive … Read more