EV Freedom Bill Press Conference


Press Conference on March 22 for SB 127

The office of CT Senator Will Haskell is organizing a press conference for Monday, March 22. It will be held outdoors at the Westport Train Station (New Haven-bound side) at 10 AM.


All EV owners are invited to join us and spread the message that consumers should be able to buy the EV that fits their lifestyle and budget, and be able to do so in CT.

SB 127 would allow manufacturers of exclusively EVs that do not have a franchise dealer network to open stores in CT, which is one of a handful of states that currently prohibit this. Check out this video made by Will Cross of the CT Tesla Owners Club.

Even if you can’t join us, please write to your state senator and representative and tell them you support this bill.

Tesla has put up a page that enables one-click contact for your rep. (You may need to create an account.)

This is an earlier post that goes into more detail about the details of why we support this.

3 thoughts on “EV Freedom Bill Press Conference”

  1. Connecticut has a marketing slogan, “CONNECTICUT STILL REVOLUTIONARY!

    When it comes to promoting clean air and a push for EVs the only part of that slogan that is truthful is the word STILL.

    CT is STILL stuck in the 19th century when it comes to protecting an industry and a business model that is slowly going to disappear.

    There are probably STILL laws on the books in CT protecting buggy manufacturers and candle stick makers from revolutionary progress.

    Gov. Ned Lamont has signed onto the Transportation Climate Initiative, a regional cap and invest plan which promises to cut emissions from motor vehicles by 26% by 2032. An important part of emission reduction is wider adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

    How on earth is this goal to be achieved if Nutmeggers have to leave the state to buy the EV of their choice?

    I live in Stonington and own two Teslas. I had to buy my cars in NY because of CT’s refusal to step into the 21st century and be “Revolutionary “. CT’s law prevents its citizens from being revolutionary and keeps them stuck in the past.

    Why didn’t I choose to buy an EV from a manufacturer that has a dealership network in CT? It’s simple, their EVs are behind in EV technology including range and access to charging stations. They are not serious about changing or promoting EVs.

    I bought my first EV, a Mercedes Benz B class from a dealer. The dealer was more interested in selling me a gasoline or diesel vehicle. They don’t even sell this model in the US anymore. I drove it to NY to trade it in for a Tesla.

    The combustion engine centric dealerships are not a great partner for the State if CT is serious about its goals.

    I find it interesting that the main argument for keeping the dealership model is consumer protection. How is it then that the State allows the sale of used vehicles through non dealership businesses. I would have thought that if consumers needed protection when buying a vehicle it would be more important to protect them from used car salesmen.

    The CT state legislature’s unwillingness to end the antiquated dealership law forced me to leave the state to acquire the best technology from the one EV supplier that could help the State achieve its lofty environmental goal. How is that revolutionary? It is not!

    The time has come to permit direct sales of EVs in Connecticut and I support the passage of SB 127. It will speed adoption of EVs in the state which will improve air quality.

    Consumers, not dealer lobbyists, deserve to come first. CT consumers should be able to freely choose EVs that fit their lifestyles, needs, and budgets to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and more rapidly transition to a zero-carbon economy without having to shop out of state.
    I support SB 127 and manufacturers’ ability to offer direct sales of their EVs to CT consumers.

    If the State is serious about climate change, air quality, and its push to stimulate adoption of EVs, it is illogical to force CT residents to travel out of state to buy the EV of their choice.

    Otherwise the state slogan should be,

    Connecticut, Stuck!

  2. As a Tesla Model 3 owner, shareholder and believer of all things EV, I’ll be there to show support! Thanks for the heads up!

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