Rivian Alerts Reservation Holders in CT, Urges Support of SB 127


Rivian mobilizes reservation holders for support

For those holding reservations for an electric pickup truck or SUV from new EV-exclusive manufacturer Rivian, where and how they will get possession of their vehicle when deliveries begin later this year remains unknown. Like Tesla, they are going the direct sales route. Unlike Tesla, they are just getting started and running the direct sales gauntlet in many states across the country. The issue is once again before the legislature in CT. This club supports it (SB 127). Below is the text of the letter sent by Rivian:

Dear Rivian Community Member,

Help us ensure your right to buy and take delivery of electric vehicles in Connecticut!

EV enthusiasts in Connecticut are rallying around SB 127, a bill that would enable Rivian to make vehicle sales directly to customers.

This bill’s passage means that electric vehicle companies like Rivian will be able to obtain a state dealer license directly. Without this legislation, Rivian and other EV manufacturers won’t be able to open retail sites, offer test drives, or sell directly to consumers. Don’t worry – whether or not this legislation passes, you’ll be able to buy and take delivery of your Rivian! The success of SB 127 simply protects your rights to learn about and purchase EVs in your home state.

Connecticut’s dealer associations oppose this bill. We’re asking that you and the broader EV community make your support for SB 127 known.

Here’s how you can help:

Earlier today, there was a hearing on SB 127. Rivian, other industry members, and interest groups all testified in favor. Please lend your voice by urging your representatives to advance this legislation. The easiest and most effective way to have your voice heard is to email your representative telling them you support this bill. 

Click here to find your representative and email or call saying that you support holding a vote and passing SB 127. If you’re sending an email, please also include Roland Lemar, the Chair of the Transportation Committee, as a recipient. Email: roland.lemar@cga.ct.gov.

To learn more about the benefits of direct sales, please read this blog post by the EV Club of Connecticut.

Thank you for helping us keep the world adventurous forever.

Team Rivian


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  1. I’ve been a Tesla owner for six years and taken delivery of 2 cars in Mt Kisco, NY. I’ve played the annual game
    of trying to convince our legislators to grant Tesla a franchise license in CT. I support Rivian and all electric vehicle manufacturers in their quest to win this game this year!


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