CHEAPR Rebates Up as Car Sales Plummet

CHEAPR Rebates by Model by Month First Quarter 2020

First Quarter Sales Results Were Terrible for the Industry, but a Sliver of a Silver Lining for EVs The first-quarter economic data were just released and as bad as expected (GDP down 4.8%) with worse … Read more

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

Westport CT Model 3 Police Squad Car

Bargersville, Indiana, Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle The exciting news from Indiana is that there is really no news. The Model 3 police vehicle performance is meeting or exceeding expectations. And, yes, it is quiet. … Read more

Westport Police Tesla – What’s Next

Westport Police Department Tesla Model 3

A Lot Had to Happen to Get Us Here The Westport Police Tesla Model 3 police cruiser is in its third week of service as of this writing. It has become an international sensation and … Read more

It’s Official: Tesla Open for Leasing in Milford

Tesla Leasing Center Opening

Open for Business – Tesla leasing in Milford Tesla held its official kickoff of leasing vehicles directly to customers from its service center in Milford, CT. The festivities opened with Mayor Ben Blake of Milford … Read more

WNBC Comes to Town to See the Police Model 3

WNBC News Covering the Westport Police Department Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle

WNBC-TV, New York, sent a news crew at the crack of dawn on Feb 5 to video the Police Model 3 Vehicle and speak to Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe. The station’s news personnel arrived … Read more

WPD International

Westport Police Department Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Receives International Interest The Westport Police Department has acquired a Tesla Model 3, which was announced by this blog on December 3rd, and via press release on December 10. It caused a bit … Read more